Meeting of Defence Policy Directors NATO Member States


The General Director of National Defence Policy and International Relations (GDNDPIR) of the Ministry of National Defence (MoD) Ambassador a.h. Michel Spinellis participated in the Spring Meeting of
NATO Defence Policy Directors held at the Alliance Headquarters in Brussels, on 25 and 26 April 2024.

On the first day, an exchange of views took place on the assistance provided to Ukraine, in response to Russia’s efforts to regroup its Armed Forces. An informal working dinner followed during which the Defence
Policy Directors were briefed on the role of SHAPE Headquarters as War Headquarters, as well as of the U.S. forces in Europe. On the second day, issues of deterrence and defence of the Alliance were discussed ahead of the upcoming summit in Washington (9-11 July, 2024).

Ambassador Michel Spinellis, during his intervention, pointed out the general assistance of Greece in support of Ukraine, ensuring his counterparts that our country will continue its support, within its capabilities, at all levels. In addition, he highlighted the geostrategic value of the ports and airports of Thessaloniki and Alexandroupolis, as strategic gateways of the Alliance to Western Balkans and the Black Sea, in addition to Greece’s overall contribution to NATO. Finally, the General Director of the GDNDPIR stated that Greece will continue to invest more than 2% of its GDP in defence expenditure, for the benefit of the national and allied deterrence and defence capabilities.