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National Defence Policy and Strategic Studies Section

The National Defence Policy and Strategic Studies Section includes the National Defence Policy and the Strategic Studies offices. This Section is responsible for:

➢ Monitoring issues that deal with formulating, approving and implementing the National Defence Policy (NDP) of Greece and the national Defence and Security strategy stemming from it. It performs the necessary evaluations and analyses, including relevant strategic studies, in cooperation, where necessary, with other competent bodies and think tanks.
➢ Preparing and recommending the National Defence Policy plan which it submits, following its approval from the Defence Council (SAM), to the Governmental Council on Foreign Policy and National Defence (KYSEA).
➢ Taking further action for the implementation, by the relevant bodies, of the principles, objective purposes and goals set by the National Defence Policy.
➢ Drafting the annual report submitted to the Parliament providing an update on the actions and goals of the MoD and the Armed Forces.